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Career opportunities in the online gaming sector

The gaming industry in India is witnessing an exponential rise, with India now ranked among the top 5 mobile gaming markets in the world. Stakeholders across the board, including investors, media, players on platforms and now, even professionals are showing confidence in the numerous possibilities that this sector holds and continues to create. With this increasing interest, professionals find themselves figuring out a way to build a career in the sector to be able to see the graph grow with the industry at large.

The gaming industry provides young job-seekers with a kind of culture that is distinct from traditional organisations and workplaces. This industry is relatively flexible, competitively creative and, needless to say, offers handsome salary packages to its employees. Moreover, it is an industry for the younger generation who are digital natives and enjoy directly participating in the digital era that they live in. All this makes a career in online gaming a fun and lucrative option for most people.

This lets us understand what the job space looks like in the online gaming sector.

Work makes a tangible difference:

Through the lockdown, the rise in collaborative online gaming enabled a lot of us to play & interact with fellow gamers around the globe. Studies have shown that over 40% of people believe that gaming improves emotional well-being while providing the comfort of community belonging. Even for developers in the gaming business, it is more than just a coding job. They get to witness the code they write or the application they design to make a real-world difference for the users as well as the business which is not a common trait in most professions.

A plethora of opportunities:

Some of us may have heard the following saying – “With great power comes great responsibility.” Gaming is witnessing increased attention from users across the globe, each of them having different needs. With the government’s interest in the AVGC sector, the industry is on a path of rapid growth in the near future. To enable this kind of growth cycle while also staying sustainable, the industry needs skilled professionals across verticals like development, marketing, product, analytics, business strategy, IT, Finance and more. Industry leaders are always on the lookout for talent that can not only help build their overall vision but also be solution-oriented at the same time leading to great workplace opportunities. 

Driving technology-led innovation:

Being part of a highly dynamic sector such as gaming has its own perks. Not only do individuals experience the privilege to explore new technologies, tools, futuristic techniques (such as AR & VR) and ideas that could yield something entirely game-changing, but are also able to build their own portfolios alongside. For instance,  As the industry is so dynamic, game testers with creative abilities can go on to become visualisers or even be promoted to managerial positions – all while being able to experience the benefits of the entire process themselves. This could be developing a new feature, running a campaign end-to-end or creating a completely new user experience.

Experience and build great culture:

Gone are the days when professionals spent decades together at one organisation or job. Young professionals now look to derive more things than just their salaries to keep them hooked to an organisation, thus making company culture a key aspect of business growth. In this aspect, professionals in the gaming industry have the privilege to discuss new ideas with like-minded peers leading to faster scope for implementation and therefore results since they are a majorly younger workforce. This gives professionals a sense of purpose in seeing their work come to life and create a long-lasting impact.