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A23 Rummy

A23 (originally Ace2three) is the first platform to digitally transform the traditional Indian Rummy Game in India. Being India’s #1 online skill-based platform, it provides a seamless experience to play Rummy card games. With 6+ Crore players, players enjoy the world of rummy – packed with fun and entertainment competing with the best rummy players in India.


A23 Games

The super-app offering which houses all games (rummy, poker, callbreak, pool, carrom and fantasy sports) offered under the A23 brand. This app will continue to launch new games within its umbrella of offerings. With smooth gameplay and an extremely slick UI, A23 Games offers an unparalleled gaming experience for the gamer that wants everything under one app.


Launched in 2019, Cricket.com has brought a revolution in the Indian cricketing ecosystem by using both human and artificial intelligence as the driver of the product. We are still in early stages to build an exciting asset in this space outside of gaming with various touchpoints in cricket expected to be covered via cricket.com. From launching our trademarked property – Criclytics – an AI-powered prediction engine to unlocking everything connected to cricket, watch out for this space.