Head Digital Works



Via the ‘Head Foundation’, it is our endeavor to do more and beyond by exponentially amplifying our efforts to include more initiatives that help uplift those around us and make the society more inclusive.


We believe in giving back to the community and helping others grow and achieve their dreams as we continue working towards achieving ours. We know that supporting the communities in which we live and work is essential for the sustainable development of our nation. We put in long-term dedicated efforts to certain causes such as sanitation, education for girls and helping the differently-abled community. We make sure that we go over and above our legal mandate on CSR and put forward the humanitarian goal as the key target.


Specially abled children rehabilitated


Critical cardiac surgeries for children

250 +

Hearing impared children empowered

20 +

Collaborations with
institutions campaigns

To focus our efforts and ensure efficient utilisation of funds, we have partnered with several renowned NGOs working in the field of child education, skill development, children’s healthcare, cleanliness and more. These NGOs work day in and day out to empower and uplift the weaker groups.

Since 2018, HDW efforts have impacted and empowered more than 1000+ hearing impaired children to improve their reading and writing skills and get access to quality education.